Virtual mannequins enhance customer experience in a range of applications
by Bruce Barbour

Owl Visual, specialist distributors of audiovisual technologies to the leisure and hospitality industries, can offer its resellers the latest virtual mannequins from Proscreens Ltd.

Highly commended in the ‘Most InAVative Digital Signage Product’ category at the InAVate awards, two models are available. The Cube and The Dolphin both produce the same stunning effect. That is to say, an image is projected on to a 15mm thick acrylic screen from behind to create a convincing representation of a human being. The major difference with The Dolphin is it features a much smaller cabinet which is hidden behind the mannequin rendering it virtually invisible for a more realistic user experience.

The virtual mannequin is suitable for a range of applications; it can be used to provide information and directions, announce promotions, greet visitors, and even sign to the deaf. It is, therefore, ideal for use in markets such as retail, hospitality, education, and corporate.

According to Proscreens Ltd, users can expect a quick return on investment because of the mannequin’s low running cost, maintenance free operation with three years’ worth of replacement lamps included, no breaks or holidays needed, and increased take up on the messages presented.

Find out more about Proscreens virtual mannequins by calling Owl on 01273 406080 or visit the website at